Dynamic Dream Puzzle

There are over 60 dynamic jigsaws in the first release version. Some jigsaw is regrading love; some of them belong to affection and relationships.

Downhill Drift

*Drift with a quick press or long-press!
*Endless levels to challenge, so where you can reach?!
*Unlock cars, and upgrade them to get better control and item effects, all for better performance!

King Run - Poker Army

*SUPER EASY TO PLAY – control your King to collect the poker cards and expand army! Crush other Kings who have fewer cards!
*INTERESTING MAP – traps and falling dice everywhere, watch out!
*NEW SKILL – use speed-up skill to chase and run, but don’t let it kill yourself!
*SPECIAL KING CHARACTERS – Shogun, Egyptian Pharaoh, Temujin, Emperor of Qin, Medieval Knight are waiting for you!

March of the Cards

All the characters have come from middle age in Wonderland. Now a big war will start between the four armies of pokers, and only the best one will win. Select your command, swipe to move the number of pokers. Do you want to play with or challenge friends! Command your army to conquer the other group, collect poker, and don’t fall into the hole!

Knots Puzzle

Connect matching colors with pipe to connect 2 Knots. Pair all colors, and cover the entire board to solve each puzzle in Knots Puzzle. But watch out, pipes will break if they cross or overlap! Free play through thousands of levels, Knots Puzzle gameplay ranges from simple and relaxed. How you play is up to you.

Zombie Survival

Zombie Survival is a brand new casual match-three game. Zombie will come at you one by one wave. You have to combine and match three or more tiles to beat done zombies. Match 4/5/6/7/8 tiles have a special beating effect.

Shooty Block

Swipe your finger to launch the bullets and break the blocks.
Try to break as many blocks as possible before they move down to the bottom.
Collect all the items to get additional bullets and make an endless bullet chain!
Use the items to break the blocks smartly.

Plus One - Blast Puzzle

The Plus One game is super cool and addictive! Enjoy the fun on this number puzzles! This Plus One game is a variant version of the original popular 2048 classic app. It only has a classic (5×5) board size, Tap a tile to plus 1, Be prepared for a new challenge for the best record!

Ultra Fighter was released in 2017

The Ultra Fighter has shown the marketing potential from the Taiwan market, and I’d lead a team to expend the advantage to the global market.  

Metal Tornado Launched in Turkey

Metal Tornado was a 3D client base game with multiple players, and I cooperated with a team in Turkey who has plenty of experience publisher, I hold a party in Turkish game show, exceeding 100K players came to the booth and experienced the beta version, the fantastic event revealed in a newspaper.

古剑奇谭 released in Taiwan and Malaysia market

The browser game 古剑奇谭 released in Taiwan and Malaysia market at the beginning of 2017, the gorgeous graphics and stunning 3D effect attracted massive players on launching day. The revenue for the first month reaching US$200,000, 3 local employees serviced for the game dedicatedly in the next six months.

Dragon & Elfin be published in 2014

We cooperated with Taiwan Mobile to publish the mobile game in the Taiwan market, which is the second-largest telecom company. The total revenue reached US$1.2 million in the first six months, the amount of 15% paid to the Taiwan government as withholding tax.

Blade 9 published in the global market

In 2013, We published Blade 9 and Dragon Warrior in European, Philippines, and Thailand markets. The annual overall of 2013 exceeded expectations and reached US$1,500,000.

Heaven Fire commercial out

HeavenFire had installed over 4 million copies in 2007-2010 at Turkey market. In 2009, the annual overall first over US$2 million, the total revenue of HeavenFire over US $4 million in the lifetime.


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