INNOFUN team uses a systematic and organized approach to work. Each mobile application development is carried out in a structured sequence of actions. We start developing by getting a deeper insight into the field of the application of the mobile app and finding out what functions it has to perform and what the specified requirements are. After setting the functional and non-functional requirements, we perform competitor analysis during which we examine existing projects in a similar scope. According to the specification, we carry out the designing and realization of the functioning Android/iOS mobile application. The realized mobile application is tested from various aspects and investigated whether it fully validates all the functions required by the user. Finally, we release the mobile app by uploading it to the app stores (Google Play/Apple App Store) and continue to support it by updating it.

Specification analysis

Research of scope, exploration of possibilities, defining, analyzing, specifying and validating specifications of the mobile application.

Competitor analysis

Competitors’ projects are compared, their weaknesses, advantages, use of strategies and methods are identified.


Architecture, the user interface is designed, necessary components, designing data structures and algorithms are chosen.


The designed structure is transformed into a compiled Android/iOS application.


Debugging and testing of “black and white boxes” is performed. Structures, integration is tested. Object-oriented testing is executed.


Checking whether the mobile application meets the specifications and requirements of the customer.


The mobile application is uploaded to Google Play and (or) Apple App Store.


The mobile application is adjusted to suit changes in business conditions and the environment. It is improved and expanded under new requirements.

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